My planned running schedule for this week – 75 miles #running

With my schedule this week, it looks like the following schedule will be how my attempt at 75 miles will happen:


  • 7 miles AM – Recovery (9’30” pace or slower)
  • 6 miles PM – Easy (natural, full stride, ballpark 8’50”-9’00”) 8’31″/pace is pretty easy
    • Actual workout:  6 miles at an average 8’21” pace–quite a bit more aggressive than originally planned.  I opted for the treadmill, because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with lunch time traffic outside.  I started at a solid 8’31” pace, but felt pretty good at 8’00” and even 7’30”.  I even added a few strides of 6’12”-6’25” in for variety towards the end.


  • 7 miles AM – Recovery
    • Actual workout:  ran a third run on Monday, while watching the Packers-Vikings game.  7 miles at an average 9’31” pace.
  • 6 miles PM – Easy
    • Actual workout: 6 miles at an average 8’33” pace–first half at 7.0 mph on the treadmill, second half at 7.1 mph on the treadmill.


  • 10 miles APM – Tempo (8-miles @ 7’23” pace)
    • Actual workout: 8 miles in 58:46 or 7’21” pace, 10 miles in 1:17:46 or 7’47” pace.  Hacking cough tripped me up at miles 5 and 6.


  • 7 miles AM – Recovery
  • 6 miles PM – Easy


  • 6 miles PM – Recovery


  • 20 miles AM – marathon pace workout
    • 2 mile warm
    • 5 mile @ 8 minute target pace
    • 5 minute cool (0.5 mile)
    • repeat @ 4 miles, 4 minute recovery, 3, 2, 1
    • finish 20 @ jog
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