My Running Gear

Nexcare Bandages

For Nipple Protection:

  • Nexcare Bandages. Best results if applied about an hour or so before, so that they’ll set prior to running. Remove immediately after running for easy removal. Small sizes are good for shorter distances, but larger sizes for 20 miles or longer.  I may have found a better option in Nexcare Active Waterproof Skin Cover though… the same material without the pad.

Current Shoes:

  • Workhorse trainer for cushioning: Saucony Men’s ProGrid Ride 2 Running Shoe,White/Royal/Black – This is the last generation as far as I know. I’m currently rotating my 4th and 5th pair of the same color and model of 10.5 [US] Width EE, and my 10th and 11th pairs of Saucony Rides overall — usually used to 450-500 miles, but a 75%+ of those miles are on the treadmill.
    • Update: I’ve since upgraded to the ProGrid Ride 3
  • Speed/Tempo/Race Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider 12 – SILVER/ORANGE/BOLT 2E – These seem hold up to high mileage much better than the Sauconys. The Wave Rider 9 was my first shoe purchased for running, and went through 4 pair of them. I skipped the Wave Rider 10, but came back to them for the 11s and 12s. I had occasional black toe issues with the Wave Rider 9 model in a size 10.5, normal width. I switched to size 10 width EE for the 11s and 12s. A much better fit. The cushioning on these shoes is less soft than the Saucony, so you start to feel the road a little bit more at the end of the marathon, but the lighter feel to them makes it worth it to me.
    • Update: I’ve since upgrade to the Wave Rider 13
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