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10000 pushups!!! 282 Pushups + Strength Workout #twit2fit

I decided to use the downtime in between pushup sets to do the physical therapy exercises. 8 sets of 32 pushups + 1 set of 26 for 282 pushups total.  That makes 10,122 pushups since 12/27/2008. 3 sets AROM lumbar … Continue reading

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Back to physical therapy #twit2fit

I went back for a little physical therapy today, after logging slightly more miles this January than last January. I’ve run two strong races (including a personal record in a 5k) in the last two months, so I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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244 pushups today, 5106 pushups since I started on 2008-12-27

So far, I’ve only missed one day since December 27, 2008. (That was two days ago). I am now up to 244 pushups in one session. Today’s sets were 9×25 and 1×19, for 244 total, finishing in roughly 35 minutes. … Continue reading

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