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Day 6 of the “streak” #twit2fit

2.9 miles in 27’55”.  Not the easiest run I’ve ever had, and I’ve run 18.5 miles in 6 consecutive days.  A little knee pain, a little piriformis pain, etc…  I’ll probably have to run my 3 miles tomorrow at a … Continue reading

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Ran for the first time. 2.16 mi in 18:18 #twit2fit

I intended to go outside to walk 2 miles, despite my back being pretty tight still.  Leaving the gym, I had to decide whether I wanted to bring my iPod Classic (arm band) and phone with me (no pockets).  Doing … Continue reading

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Piriformis Syndrome Strengthening

Piriformis Syndrome Strengthening.  Having a few minor piriformis issues. I’ve already begun incorporating the “bridging” exercise from this site, but also need to add the “side to side with pelvic tilt” exercise. Related Posts Mixed Bandolier of Carrots Yes, I … Continue reading

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