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Strength exercises and struggles with any form of cross-training

I talk with a lot of fellow gym rats at work and, with the exception of a few runners, running is generally viewed as some form of punishment. Runners can even get a t-shirt or bumper sticker to reinforce this … Continue reading

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I get more miles in before sun up than most people get all week #running #twit2fit

I ran 12 miles (just below 10-minute pace), mostly in the dark, on a clear morning in Fern Creek this morning.  When away from main roads, I could clearly see more stars in the sky than I ever did growing … Continue reading

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Overcoming excuses to run outside (22-miler in 3:33:29) #twit2fit #running

I’ve been mostly “treadmill-bound” for the last several weeks.  Part of it is due to schedule conflicts–it’s hard to run outside when your only options are in the middle of the night and before the sun is up in the … Continue reading

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See, I’m not the only crazy one… check out @runkerrierun’s story #twit2fit #running

Her story:  How to Lose 55 lbs and Run a Marathon in 7 Months I completely empathize with the experience of going out way too fast in the marathon, despite the fact that in my first marathon, I did it … Continue reading

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Cancel your runners magazine subscription #twit2fit

No, I don’t mean that, do I? Ok, then, as long as you just read it for the pictures, it’s okay to keep it. Actually, I have nothing against the popular running hobbyist magazines. However, you must realize what a … Continue reading

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